About Us

TechVisor is a Patent Attorney Office / IT Consulting Company based in Tokyo, Japan.

We offer various Intellectual Property services to international customers, focusing on US-based emerging companies in Information Technology, Internet and e-Commerce space.

Intellectual Property Law Service

IT Consulting / Research

Technical Translation

Why TechVisor?

Pleas ask us (info[at]techvisor.jp) for specific fee quote.

Guides to Japanse Intellectual Property System

Patent System Overview (PDF)

Trademark System Overview (PDF)

Design Patent System Overview (PDF)

Please contact us (info[at]techvisor.jp) for more information.

Professional In Charge

Kiyoshi Kurihara


Work Experience

1981-1995: IBM Japan, Ltd.
1995-2005: Gartner Japan, Ltd.
2005-present: TechVisor.JP, Ltd.


Publication (Translation)